Greek traditional delicacy, kourabiedes

  Παπαδοπούλου Παρασκευή – Ραφαέλα   Γ2 One of the most famous and delicious delicacy during Christmas is the traditional sweet

Christmas bread made by Sarakatsani

Christmas bread made by Sarakatsani         On the day of Christ, the householder took the Christmas bread, crucified it, cut

The best Christmas gift…

What is Christmas?

Christmas isn’t…

Christmas will…

Christmas cozy home

4+1 tips for memorable Christmas!!!

Λήψη αρχείου            Χατζησωτηρίου Μάρω Γ3

My Christmas logo!!!

  Κράμερ Πατρίκιος – Χρήστος Γ2

Christmas cafts -Yarn hat ornaments

Christmas crafts          Νάσου Μαρία Γ5