Write a role play

Activity 1

Students are asked to write an imaginative short dialogue between Vincent Van Gogh and Dr Gachet, whose portrait Vinvent has just finished.

It can be a serious, humorous, dramatic or even enlightening dialogue between the painter and his model.

My students liked best the dialogue written by Katerina and Anastasia that goes as following:

Vincent: Oh, my dear Doctor. I have just finished my materpiece. You’ll get thrilled.

Doctor: OMG, Vincent. What is this? Do I look that ugly?

Vincent: But my dear Doctor, it was the external beauty that I was actually trying to depict on the painting, but your inner self.

Doctor: And why do I lean? I was posing to you for more than five hours in an upright posture.

Vincent: Exactly! Leaning onto the table and holding your head wishes to show the greatness of your mind, your constant struggle to find the real meaning of life. Keep that in mind, my dear Doctor, one day this painting will worth a real fortune. Your name will be written in history!!!!