Virtual Vs Real life

Virtual Vs Real life

     Teenagers from the second grade of our school and their teachers had the great opportunity to attend an interesting play about chatroom cyberbullying , a play with a strange but also smart plot.

     This play is about six teenagers at the age of 16 who are communicating through chatrooms. From these teenagers, the main character of the play Jim was a boy who faced problems with his family, was bullied at school and this whole situation made him feel depressed. He even had thoughts of hurting himself , so he decides to share his problems and thoughts with other people using the Internet. But by doing this, Jim didn’t think that there may be people who want to hurt him and don’t actually care about his problems. Two of the six teenagers try to convince him to hurt himself. In the beginning the other three teenagers don’t care about him , they only want  to hear him , not to give advice or help but when they realize that he listens to the other two evil teenagers, they talk to him and prevent him from doing something really bad.

     The message of this play is that communication through the Internet is not a real life but a virtual one, real communication means talking face to face to other people, not communicating through chatrooms. As people who have the ability of thinking, we shouldn’t let other, especially strangers who don’t know our life and our story, tell us what to do.

We should have our own opinion and the most important : Lead a real life !!!

Μαρία Αντωνίου, Β1