An Interesting Play…

An Interesting Play…

On Wednesday, March 11 our school went on a trip to the Theatre Of Art of Karolos Koun and we watched a play about cyber bullying. The title of this play is » Chatroom».

«Chatroom» talks about six young people who communicate with each other in chatrooms. One of them, Jim, is desperate because his father has abandoned his family, he is bullied at school and he cannot talk to his mother or brothers about his problem, so he feels lonely and he has thoughts of commiting suicide. Some of his e-pals try to manipulate him while others take a stand and do everything they can to help Jim. At the end of the play Jim chooses life over death and real meaningful communication over Internet communication.

This play has a lot of messages but the most important is that you should not let others tell you what to do in your life and never ever trust strangers in chatrooms!


Ελεάννα Σαββίδη, Β4