Limericks …. in english

- Μαρ• 05•14

Γράφουμε… απαγγέλλουμε και μας ακούτε … στα Αγγλικά!






There was a clown from Greece

Who liked to cook on his knees.

But one day suddenly

His life ended unexpectedly

We cried all day. Oh! What grief!

Ειρήνη Βαρδίκου

Σοφία Ασημακοπούλου

Δήμητρα Βασιλακοπούλου

Αρετή Βικτωράτου          Β1


There was a girl having her hair brown

And the police suddenly started chasing her down.

She finally got caught

Having tied her shoelaces in a knot.

It proved to be the Queen wearing a crown.

Σόλωνας Καραγιάννης  Β1


Once there was a town called Floopies

Where everyone loved to make cookies.

They baked them with sugar and butter

And every morning they’d yawn and mutter

That dieting is only for cooties’

Αναμπέλλα Γαλλοπούλου

Νικολίνα Ιωαννίδη   Β1


I am thinking about liberty,

But I wake up in reality.

Changing the world,

Searching for a word

Without having the ability.

Σοφία Κόρδα

Γιαννούλα Μπάκα

Φαίη Κωνσταντινίδη  Β2


There was a kid named May

And she was hanging out with Jay.

She was fantastic

And her friend enthusiastic,

And they were wandering around all day.


There was a girl named Savanna

And with her friend she went to Havana.

They were wandering all day

Because they had lost their way

Until they found a duty-free shop and bought a Dolce Gabanna.

Μαρία Λιαποπούλου Β2



There was a cooking  group

Who made the tastiest soup.

They worked hard

To pleasure their heart

And to reunite the old troop.


I was coming from Japan

And took a train to Sudan.

I made a mistake

And I stopped at a lake

Near a place called Iran.


I was shopping in July

With a friend in Hawaii.

We had a fright

When coming across a fight

So we went to Paraguay.

Ηλιάνα Τσελέντη

Άρτεμις Παπαγιαννοπούλου                    Β2



There once was a man from Liverpool

Who liked playing American pool.

After joining the team

He ate an ice-cream.

This man who played football really cool.

Τιμόθεος Χριστόπουλος

Νίκος Ρούσσος  Β4


There was a young boy named Boo

Whose favorite color was blue.

He took his dragon to Hawaii

And told a terrible lie:

That he was babysitting his sister Sue.

Μυρτώ Ψαράκη

Ευτυχία Τσουτσάνη

Αναστασία Χιόνη   Β4


Once upon a time there was a dark knight

Who always rose to the light.

But then Bane came,

And the knight ate a sugar cane

Having saved the city of Gotham in one night, he had another bite.

Κώστας Τσεκλένης

Μιχάλης Τσιβγούλης

Λευτέρης Μαντάς           Β4


There was a little boy named Mike

And his favorite brand was Nike.

He went down to the shop

But unfortunately he had to stop

Because he ran into a car with his bike.

Γιάννης Παπατρέχας

Μάκης Τσοπάνογλου   Β4


There was a young boy named Bond, James Bond,

Who saw an assassin who was blond.

He wore a beautiful shirt,

Saw the girl in a long skirt

And finally went to a restaurant and ate jambon.

Δημήτρης Σταματόπουλος

Σπύρος Σταυρόπουλος         Β4


There was a sweet little puppy called Snoopy.

All day the dog felt very droopy.

A young boy saw it and said hello

And he decided to cross the road

Then the puppy barked to say yioopy.

Ειρήνη Τζάρτζου  Β4


There once was a girl named Penny

Who was married to the handsome Denny.

They went on vacation to the Bahamas

But they forgot their pyjamas

And to everyone’s grief Penny forever left Denny.

Παναγιώτα Χάιδα

Γεωργία Χατζηλυγερούδη   Β4


There once was a student in Mali

Who had a friend named Ali.

He went to a deli

And met the teacher of Bruce Lee

Whose name was really Charlie.

Πάνος Μαραθιάς

Θοδωρής  Συμεωνίδης   Β4


There once was a girl named Vasilina

Who liked eating rice Carolina.

She woke up one night

And went to the fridge full of pride

But the rice had been eaten by her friend, Lina!!!

Βασιλίνα Καούρη

Λίνα Καβούρη   Γ2


One day some friends were travelling away

And suddenly realized they had lost their way.

One of them said now,

“Oh my God! I saw a cow!

Let’s ride it and go to Broadway!”

Αναστασία Χαλκοματά

Αγγελική Χιόνη

Βίκυ Χαραλαμποπούλου

Λέανδρος Τσιώτος      Γ4