The Union of Two Different Worlds

- Μαρ• 05•14

Usually nowadays, we have noticed the big differences between the young people and the adults in language; appearance contributes to the formation of teenagers’ habits and the result of this phenomenon is of course the linguistic differentiation.

Big companies take advantage of this and lots of times it is an advertisement’s subject. These advertisements always attract the viewers because they analyze a very usual problem which concerns our society a lot. This gap gets bigger and bigger when we speak of the relationship of grandparents and grandchildren.

As mentioned above, technological change is one of the important causes which leads to this linguistic gap, because young people use the computer for their daily communication and gradually the language is corrupted. The adults, who prefer personal communication to the electronic one, have usually difficulty in supporting a dialogue with the teenagers.

In this way, their relationship gets worse. The young feel that there is no understanding in their family and the parents from their side feel that they are gradually separated from them. So they try to solve this problem but it usually ends up in an argument. So here the advertisement begins its work. In a humorous way, it presents the linguistic gap, and they suggest their products as a possible solution to this social problem. These advertisements make the consumer believe that if they consume their products, as by magic they will have the ability to unite the two generations. By extension through the advertisements our society’s standards are also presented which change depending on fashion and technology’s development

Taking everything into consideration, advertisements focus on the linguistic problem between the generations as the companies will increase their profits