Interview with students of the General Lyceum of Kastritsi who participated in Euroscola Day, January 17, 2014

- Μαρ• 26•14

Once again, our school participated in the Euroscola competition this year. Three students, Euripides Avouris-B3, Alexia Gotsi -C1 and Helen Konidari -B3, who had participated in the competition, were selected to visit Strasbourg for three days, the city- symbol of European unity and the seat of the European Parliament.

We asked them, in a short interview, to narrate their experience.

Why did you join the competition?

Eur.:  «I wanted a lifeline to escape from the tormenting routine. I wanted a break along with a trip.»

And you Helen?

El.:  «I agree with Euripides and would like to add the desire to learn about European affairs.»

You Alexia?

Al.: “A classmate of mine had taken part a year earlier and had brought the best impressions.”

Tell us about the special preparation required for the composition you wrote in order to be selected to participate in Euroscola.

Eur.:  «The truth is, it took a lot of preparation. However I wanted very much to succeed in the competition, so I got down to work.»

Did you think you had succeeded as soon as you completed the composition?

Eur.:  «No! I had not followed the work of other students.»

Regarding Euroscola, tell me Alexia, what is the purpose of Euroscola Day?

Al.:  «To be informed on the European Union and to hold a session of the European Parliament.»

Is there any practical application in the purpose?

El.:  «I think so, because we become more aware as European citizens.»

Do you think this goal was achieved?

Eur.:  «To a degree, yes. As for me, what I gained was mainly a nice trip.»

Al.:  «However, we were informed. Personally I learned several things about the European Parliament I did not know. »

What are your impressions from coming in contact with people from foreign countries?

El.:  «It was very good, mainly with the Cypriots and students from the southern European countries.»

Did they speak English?

Al.:  «Not very well; especially the Italians and the Bulgarians.»

Was there any particular difficulty on your journey?

Eur.:  «Only in communicating with the residents of Strasbourg, because they did not know the international language well.»

If I’m not mistaken, you spoke with some officials of the European Parliament. How was that experience?

Eur.:  «I got a pretty bad impression due to the fact that they did not respond to my question. He said it was of political nature and he did not have the authority to answer.”

Any other negative impressions?

El.:  «The Euro Game was not organized quite well.”

What kind of game was that?

Al.:  «We split up into groups of four people from a different country each. Our goal was to answer some questions concerning the countries of the European Union.»

What were your relations with the other students?

Al.:  «We had very good communication. We got to know each other. We already communicate online with the kids of other countries.»

Eur.:  «And that was the goal in my opinion. We got to know their habits and customs. »

Which areas of Greece apart from Patras, were represented by students?

Al.: «From all the region of Western Greece.»

Would you advise someone to participate in the same competition?

Eur.:  “Of course! You go to a foreign country; you travel by plane and have a productive trip.»

Al.:  «It’s an unforgettable experience. We gained so many things.»

Great! Well folks, we would like to congratulate you again on your success! Thanks very much for the interview!

                                 Telemachus Asimakopoulos      B3

                                     Themis Anastasiou        B3