EVERYTHING CHANGES AND NOTHING STANDS STILL: Going with the flow is easy… by 21st High School

- Μαρ• 29•15

Going with the flow is easy, a safe way to live…. But going upstream is more interesting: my life changes every minute as I go along. I have to make decisions all the time: what to wear,  who to meet, what to eat, what to say… I have to conform to the mass, but I am not always happy with it.


So whenever I can,  I rebel: don’t  imagine a pompous revolution… but even a small revolution can change my life. I sometimes change my life. I sometimes change my mind, my attitude, my words… so as to change my future. Because I always have the choice: to say yes or no, to fight, to fly , to freeze, to dream. And I do dream: I dream that I can change my future other people have planned for me. I can desire, I can wish, I can prosper.  I would like to be a pilot, and can’t that change the world?  I don’t know but I have a world of my own and my profession can certainly improve my life.

So, to my mind a change is always consistent with our life centers. And life can take any shape I want …. It can be square, a circle, a cube, a diamond but it doesn’t have to close, it doesn’t have to end  . And it can include any form, any color, any line I want.. .Because changing is an endless transformation. But it is ME who gets to decide the form