B- Change by 11th Junior High School of Patras

- Απρ• 01•15

There is no doubt that everything changes.  If we seek information on any field of knowledge we will note an evolution on everything.

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For example, cell phones and computers were unthinkable a few years ago.  However, nowadays people tend to have smaller and smaller electronic devices with more and more applications.

Secondly, civilizations, languages and traditions have also changed extremely.  That is why every generation always finds a different way of living.

However, it is not only the technology and the culture that change, but also our lives do so.  People every year get older, learn more things, change their perspectives, appearance and friends and generally nothing stands still.

As you understand, every time, changes happen in our lives.  But what can we do in order to be synchronized with them?  We firmly suggest to have fun, to enjoy every moment of our lives, to learn and deal with everything that we are interested in, to leave our fingerprints in our any, to avoid making big mistakes and last but not least, to have a big smile!