Hiking along the river Nestos 7 - 10 - 2021

We went hiking!!! The narrow path along the river Nestos offers a magnificent view of the river. Below the path


HAPPY EASTER Νάσου Μαρία Γ5 Easter, also called Pascha is a Christian celebration and cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of

Holy Cave

Holy Cave Νάκα Βασιλική  Γ2            The first Friday right after Easter Christians celebrate the day of “Zoodohou Pigis ”

Going on an excursion with the school at Edessa

How about some videos??? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Etbkdjzq58OtyTtvw4K-mZjyNSIVReqS?usp=sharing                                      Μάρω Χατζησωτηρίου  Γ3  

Going on an excursion with the school!

TheWaterfallsOfEdessa  (Press on that link to view a quick video)     by Maria Chatzisotiriou Γ3

Eleni of Euripides

Τοπαλίδου Σοφία  Γ5 Last summer my dad and I went to Thessaloniki to see the play Eleni of Euripides.The performance

Anxiety and stress management

Παπακωνσταντίνου Μαριάνθη  Γ2 Το παρακάτω αρχείο αφορά το stress ως ένα πολύ διαδεδομένο πρόβλημα το οποίο ενδεχομένως αφορά εμάς προσωπικά και

A new talent is born!!!

When there is will, there is way!!! I am speechless!!!

Students are so inventive!!!

My students can always find a way to surprise me in a pleasant way!!! Now take a closer look!!! What

Inspired by art!!! 2nd part

3rd class students” excellent works are a new form of art!!!

Inspired by art!!!

Not only did  students write the assignment, but they also went to  the trouble to print the painting and paste