What’s the time? (for D Class & E Class students)

Do you remember how to tell the time in English?

Αν δεν θυμάστε πως λέμε την ώρα στα αγγλικά κάντε κλικ εδώ.

Α) Now have a look at the clocks in the picture. Write sentences for each clock telling what the time is.

Write your answers in the comment section!

For example:

1. It’s twenty to ten.

what time is it

Β) Listen to the song What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf_and write 5 sentences in the present continuous tense about what is happening.

Write your answers in the comment section!

15 Σχόλια

  1. 1.it is twenty to ten
    2.it is ten past five
    3.it is half past three
    4.it is twenty five to six
    5.it is five past six
    6.it is a quarter past eleven
    7.it is ten past four
    8.it is twenty five to one
    9.it is a quarter to five
    10.it is five past eight
    11.it is a quarter to three
    12.it is twelve o’clock

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