Theater Group In Litochoro

Many schools, both abroad and in Greece, have their own theater group. Like our school. But let’s start from the beginning. Last October, the responsible teachers of the group invited all the children to a first meeting so that we could get to know each other. As the celebration of the polytechnic approached, the teachers decided to prepare a small celebration for our school. We started rehearsals right away! Along the way we got to know the group better, we came closer and bonded. During the school year, other performances emerged that we were preparing. One of them was «Grandpa and Granddaughter»which was based on the text «Grandpa and Granddaughter» but the play was written by two girls who were playing in the theater. In that show we were fewer people so webecame even more attached and began to trust each other. For the final performance we had started to prepare a play that would talk about adolescence. However, not everything goes as we want in theater and we did not manage to upload this show for various reasons. However, we were not discouraged and continued more vigorously from the new year, preparing a new theatrical based on «The Boy in the Gallery». We are all friends now and we share everything with each other. But even though we only rehearse once a week, we’ve managed to get a lot of theatrical work out. Finally, when the schools will be open after the pandemic of Covid-19 we are sure that we will work harder not to let one more play unfinished.

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