People nowadays abandon their pets, so all the streets have a lot of animals. There are a lot of reasons why they abandon their pets. So, today we will tell you why people abandon their pets and what can they do instead of that.

Reasons for abandoned animals:

  • People don’t have enough money to rear them
  • People don’t want a very big responsibility, like rearing a pet
  • Animal shelters don’t accept pets because they don’t have any space in which animals can live
  • Some people believe that rearing a pet is boring
  • People don’t have any time to rear them
  • Some people take animals when they are little and they don’t like when they become older
  • Some people abandon their pets to have fun

Rearing a pet is difficult and we must be responsible! An abandoned animal becomes sad and it can die.Before we take a pet we must be sure that we want it and we have  enough money and time  to rear it. And if we don’t like it after few months or few years we can take it to animal shelters or we can donate it to our friends or to people who want pets and look for them on the internet.

And if you are an animal lover and you want a puppy, we can donate you. We have 4 puppies which are two months old and 2 bigger dogs which are 10 months old. All of them have the same parents. Their dad is German Shepherd and their mum is half Caucasian Shepherd and half German Shepherd. They are playful, friendly and good guardians. You can see them in the photo. If you want to take one of them write a comment in this article.


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