What can you do in your home?


Most people from all the world stay home today due to CORONOVIRUS. Many people like staying home but at the same time there are a lot of people who don’t like. So, today we will tell you some creative things you can do if you are bored!

  •  Watch films and soap operas
  •  Clean/tidy your house
  •  Paint
  •  Have fun with people who you loved (if you don’t stay with them, phone them)
  •  Read books
  •  Do your homework
  •  Play games (table games or video games)
  •  Play with your pet (if you have)
  •  Do gymnastic
  •  Improve yourself (become a better person)
  • Listen to music
  •  Relax
  •  Cook healthy food

Don’t forget to be optimistic and happy! Make your life better and have fun! Stay home! Stay healthy! And of course, don’t overstep the mark!!!

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