The Role of Memories in our Life


By Irene Verikiou and Gilda Mazaraki (A Class) Memories, without doubt, are indicative of our lifelong experiences, evoke both positive […]

The Patterns of Society


By Aggelopoulou Andriana, Giannikopoulou Myrto and  Kallitsi Georgia   Young people nowadays are in front of cosmopolitan changes that happen […]

The seven Wonders of the Ancient World


By Olga Dimitrakopoulou and Olga Kalogeri (A Class)   The seven Wonders of the Ancient World are marvelous monuments that […]

Our Lives with Computers


By Sotirios Douklias & Evaggelos Tzefrios (A Class)   Computers have been in our lives for years. Ever since Apple […]

Three poems


By Niki Doukouri (A Class)   THE SUN From time to time there are Shiny stars in a silvery night […]

Foreign languages in our life


By Efstathia Athanasopoulou (      Nowadays, the majority of people believe that it is essential for everyone to study almost […]

About Black Holes…

black hole

By Dionysios Gakis           Nowadays, there is a lot of concern about these “black holes” in space. Many movies have […]

The Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: focusing on the right of accessibility


By Andriana Aggelopoulou (A class)   People with disabilities are one of the most marginalized groups of any society. Although […]



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