Diary of a Wimpy Kid


My favourite book is the diary of a wimpy kid. It is about a guy named Greg that lives with his parents, his little brother Manny and his bigger brother Rodrik. Greg goes to junior high school with his best friend Raouli and they try to stay safe getting away from the bullies like Rodrik. They also try to not get the cheese touch.The cheese touch is the most disgusting thing in the school. One day a kid accidently dropped a slice of cheese from his sandwich in the basketball court.The cheese stayed there for months.Since there whoever touches it gets the cheese touch.

The author is Gef Kini. He was born in 19 February 1971 in Ford Washighton in the state of Maryland in the U.S.A. He is an author but also an electronic games designer. He passed his children years at Washighton until 1995 when he moved in New Eangland.He has studied in the college of Maryland at College Park BishopMcNamara High School and he has the prizes like the Kids Choice best book and the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Childrens Book Award.

Author: Gef Kini

Publications: Psichogios