The first flower

Once upon a time in a forest, near a small town, lived two sisters. Their names were Hrisafenia and Asimenia. Hrisafenia had blond hair and red  cheeks. Everybody loved her….Asimenia on the other hand was a pale girl with black hair. Everybody hated her, everybody but the animal who loved her…. For that reasons Hrisafenia got out of their house durring the daytime and Asimenia durring the nighttime. Both girls wanted to live in a town without hate, so they traveled to the end of the world to find a strange but special plant. The first flower of the world. If you smelt it  you would only feel love. Few days later all the people and all the animals of the world heard of the strange plant…. they travele to the end of the world and smeled it. So after some time everybody on earth were feeling only love for each other…. and in the end the two sisters lived happily forever!!!!


Manos Kontoleon is a greek novel writter. He was born in Athens at November 14th 1946.

He studied Physics but he prefers writting children books. He was awarded with the National Book Award at 1997 (A mask on the moon )and 2009 (Priceless gifts).


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