The purple umbrella

My favourite book is the purple ombrela from Alki Zei.This book refers of a ten year old girl Elefteria. The girl did not like female jobs at all.On the contrary she likes to read books, watch theater and wishes to one day become like the daughter of the Sofokli. They had a few games hoping to find things out of their imagination. They told stories that came out of their minds and many other things they wanted to do but the aults would not let them.They were completely different from the big ones with the childrens.My favourite main character is Elefteria.I really like this book because Alki Zei is my favourite author and i want to read all the books of her.

I hope you also read this book because you will love it!


Alki Zei was a Greek novelist and author. she was borned in Athens, December 15, and she is died  February 27 2020.Who is considered one of the most important.Awarded for her work , she was honored, among others by the Academy of Athens. Her books have been translated into 20 languages.


Ραφαέλα Λάμπρου