My friend GREGOUAR

My friend GREGOYAR


What happens when  what  you dislike comes in a gift box  with a red ribbon and even in black?What happens when you need to escape?to train and take care off until yestreday you could bear to see only »Painted»?What happens when your hitherto unbearable sister proves to be your most valuable ally?And finally,what do you do when you realize that,strange as it may sound,there are lies we tell out of love?
Do not worry,most likely you are growing up…

Marietta Kontou was born in the summer of ’72 in Athens and is still very close to »then»….She belongs to the generation of »Athletic Sunday»,Carmation,»Lola,to an appple»,the phytologist,the albums with dedications,of the pictures of Sarah Kay and the books of Penelope Delta,Alkis Zeis and Georges Sarai.He still remembers the black and white television,the greek movies of the weekend and the Theater of Monday.He lived  the forest,the sharp ones, the fenced ones and the school aprons.She  studied Psychologyat the University of Athens anddid her postgraduate studies in Systemic Couple and family therapy and her doctorade at Panteion University .Her traditional fairy tale The White of Korakina was honored with honorable mention in 2014 by the Women’s Literary Society.