Dress code and uniforms at schools

Resize of dress code2

by   Stavros Kanias ,Class B -Advanced

      In our contemporary society ,there are no limitations  for dress   codes at school.Many people, though, argue that school uniforms should come to life again.

I believe that if school uniforms are not used ,some limitations must exist  in this case.

         First of all, I believe that the Ministry of Education is responsible for the rules of dress codes.The limitations will make students have  a sense of respect  for the building and their human environment .Also, a sense of graveness must be taught as this will make them become acquainted with rules in their school’s micro-society.

      As for the uniforms,I really do not neglect them at all;I am positive because they make students feel equal and have a feeling of being part of a team.

    In conclusion,I believe that the idea of school uniforms  should  not be neglected  and a  dress code of a higher standard  must be applied.

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