‘Especially for the children that go to the High School of Music,like me, music is really a feeling..You don’t  just listen to music with your ears,but with your heart..You don’t just play simple notes ,you play them with love..You feel the  music in you…Music lives in you!You live with music!Every day..You wake up with a song that you like and you start the day with a smile..When you are sad about something,you play music and forget it all.When you are happy,you just listen to music and celebrate your happiness!’
Eutuxia Loutsiou,Class B
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’With music you can communicate with people that don’t even speak the same language with you. For example,if you listen to the same music with a stranger,it is as if you are talking to him with music..’
 Xristoforos Mavrikakis ,Class B
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 ‘Music is very important to me…It’s my life..Without music my life would be very boring!Music is a way of living.When you hear music, you can have different feelings..Dancing is important too,but without music you can’t dance.Music is my whole world,that’s why I go  to  a Music School.’
 Sevastiani Kiprioti,Class B
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‘Music plays a  significant role in my life…First of all ,it is my major hobby and is a way to express myself..It is a chance for me to forget all the daily problems and gives a taste to the boring ,full-of-study daily routine!Finally ,it is something I love ,it is  time-consuming but I believe that the  time  spent on music is spent wisely!
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Music can be a way of communication..First of all,it can express things that cannot be told through language..Secondly,it can  help the musicians express what can’t be or is not supposed to be told.Finally,when the musicians play  music  they can reveal another image of themselves  and change through music .Music can also show someone’s character just by looking at the way that somebody  plays music with..’  
Stavros Kanias ,Class B
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‘Why do we need music?Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?Music is a great way of communication and people all over the world listen to the music of other nations for the reasons I will mention below..
   The first reason is that music is one of the best ways to relax from stress.People have the opportunity to relax,leave their  troubles behind and have fun..
    Secondly,music helps people to cheer up.A further point is that music  forms  an integral part of the world.It is used for ceremonial purposes ,expression and healing.Many people gather for ceremonies and listen to traditional music.These ceremonies help people to find out more about each other,communicate and meet new people.I think that people should keep their traditions alive ,because they help us to remember our forefathers and value the beautiful moments they had in the past.
  The Indian  tribes  used to invoke the spirits,for example ,ask for rain or healing and used music to heal the sick.This is why the traditional music is so important in different ceremonies.
  Music helps people to slow down their pace of living and enjoy the present moments that are irreplaceable and beautiful.
   Taking all the above into account,I  think that music is the unique language which is understood by everyone all over the planet..’
Philippos Iskas ,Class B 
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’’Ι  always want to listen to music!My relation with music is very strong because when I hear it I feel wonderful ,regardless of  its  kind ..I listen to Rock,Metal,Blues ,Jazz and Funky. 
I always listen to English songs ,I don’t prefer Greek ones.Bob Marley has said:’One thing about music is :when it hits, you feel no pain’’.
That is so close to my own feelings!
Anastasopoulos  Nikolas,Class B
’’I listen to music all the time ,every day..I listen to music when I read a book,when I study ,when I go to school and in my free time..I usually listen to folk music,classical,Latin or Spanish..I  go to the High School of Music and there we give a lot of concerts and perform shows.
I believe that music is communication .Without music humans would not be able to have a regular life or live in harmony.Music is another ‘’language’’ , through which people communicate with feelings and unite with each other.’’
Konstantakis Apostolis,Class B