Talent shows and children

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‘I  am  not  a fun of  children’s talent shows.It seems to me so stupid  that   TV  shows  this kind  of contests.It  will take too much time for a child to forget it if it was rejected  and the  rejection’s repercussions are terrible..Popularity at an early age is not good..’

 Ranty  Rasev,C2

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‘I am  wondering: has  anyone thought of  the consequences  of  the   quick  popularity  and the rejections of  these competitions?We’re talking about a competition,so  rejecting children is inevitable.Also ,imagine how difficult it would be for the children to be rejected in front of the cameras!’

Papantoniou Manolis ,C2

  ‘Have  you  ever  heard children singing in talent  shows and then crying because they got rejected?Of course you have!Let me tell you my opinion about this.When the  kid has a natural talent and has the chance to show it in front of people,it’s good.But it should be  strong!Very strong!As  much as it takes so as not to get hurt by rejection!’

Papanikola  Eleftheria ,C2

‘It  is  very hard for the childish soul..This  will affect their childhood..If a kid is clever ,it should take part in a Maths competition .Kids  get very tired when they compete with other children and have to be “perfect’.

Mavrikakis  Christofer,C2

‘In  my opinion,it is a big mistake that children want to be on TV .If   they get rejected ,they will be sad ,unhappy ,disappointed , they will be crying and it is not good for the  psychology of the children ,especially at this age.

Loutsiou  Eftihia,C2

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‘Talent  shows are well known on TV and  a lot of people watch them.In some reports  they reach the   No 1  of the ‘Top 10 TV Shows’ of the season!.Having so many viewers, the TV  companies are making even more talent shows ,including some ,especially for kids!

  These kids become  famous quickly ,only because they went to sing or play!They get a lot of  views,likes ,tweets,etc and they make a lot of money ,without sweat!Also, they can have everything a child or a teen would ever want to have.They simply live like kings!

   But ,after a lot of days,they become bored and annoyed by that big fame.The paparazzi  are following them  wherever they go and the  magazines gossip about their private lives!The famous kids are losing their own life!They will live only for their fans.It sounds weird ,but that’s the truth.Every decision has its consequences,right??’

Konstantakis  George,C2

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‘In  our  contemporary society  the problem of children  that attend talent shows  is  thriving.This  can have devastating  effects  on  a child’s character and the rejection can scar him or her for the rest of their lives.

    Although  I  am opposed  to  this fact, I   must admit that it has both positive and  negative aspects ,both of which  will be examined  below.

  One  of the most crucial advantages  of  kids  going to talent shows  is  that it  can boost their confidence.Mostly  for children that have problems, their success can make them see the world with another view  and make them believe  they can do something good in the end.

    The rejection -on  the other side of the coin- can have -because of  their  failure- devastating effects  on  their character  and  can  harm their psychology  .They  could  cry  and the  parents could  be disappointed  by them.If  they succeed  ,they could get selfish and  proud  of  themselves  ,reject  others and  due  to their achievement  they  can develop  a selfish  character when  they grow up.

   Parents  must understand  that in order  for  children  to become future citizens  they should  not be scarred  by   rejection or success in their childhood.’

Kanias  Stavros ,C2

   ‘The  most  important thing  is the stress and the  physical exhaustion that the children have.They  get stressed  because they have to perform well so as not to be rejected.It  will  be  really  difficult  for the vulnerable children to handle this…The  thing that strikes me  the most is that parents  approve  and send the children to the contests..’

Ioannou  Nicolas ,C2

 ‘The  quick  popularity  and the rejection are  the main disadvantages  of  talent shows,because  they influence  children’s  psychology.The  child  is  in front  of  five and more cameras  which transmit  the image live!Imagine  that grown-ups cry in equivalent shows ,because the judges showed them to the exit!Of  course ,it is their parents’ fault  ,because  they send them to these contests.If  they want to make known and  promote their children’s talent ,they can find other ways.’

 Iskas   Filippos ,C2

  ‘ I am  totally  against  that .When  you see  children that compete in talent shows ,even  if  they haven’t  any talent,you  feel  like you can’t reject  them ,because they are going to feel bad or  even cry when millions  of  people are watching.Also  ,some  kids  go  to talent  shows even without wanting it ,because some parents are pushing them to be something they don’t want to,just  because the parents think that their child  is  better  than  anybody else.’

Antonoglou  Nikos,C2

  ‘Some  studies  show that  these  shows  cause  to  the children  physical  and psychological  exhaustion  ,disturbance to their usual  routine and to their psychological balance,nuisance and mockery from their  surroundings because of being recognised  and stress from the process of the judgements ,  the   ratings  and the display  in public.’

Anastasiou  Katerina,C2

‘….First  of  all,let’s  not  forget that all  of  the participants are  little children  ,around  the age of 12 and  that they are still  very  sensitive..If  they  are to be eliminated from  such  competitions,they usually cry  ,but  the audience tends to laugh at  them!In  the eyes of these innocent little children, producers  tend to see money.However ,this is partially a fault of their parents ,who  choose to send their children to such competitions ,putting their children’s dignity and pride in jeopardy.

   Despite all that,more and more channels state their opinion on these shows:’If channels abroad do this ,why not do so in Greece?’ .But  the next time we see a little child cry due to its elimination ,may these words echo in their ears ,so  that they can understand their mistake..’

Ananias  Meletios,C2