The little Slave

Last Friday fourth, fifth and sixth classes of our school went to the theatre to see a play called

“The little Slave”.This theatrical performance is about two completely different children. These two children had the same father who was a royal person, but they had different mothers .The first child was the little royalty.

One day the little royal boy found a painting, depicting a woman holding a blue rose. The boy fell in love with her. He said that if he didn’t see her, he would kill himself.

He started with the Slave to find this woman. They asked many people in order to find her. But they found out that she was going to get married the following Sunday with Jahirachan.

After many efforts to stop the marriage they finally succeeded. In the end the little royal boy got married to this woman and the slave got married to the woman’s cousin. So, they lived happily ever after. It was a very interesting play.

By: Anna, G.

            Afroditi, G.

       Rama, A.

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