Giannis Adetokunbo is a Greek international basketball player.  He was born in December 1994 in Athens with origins from Nigeria.  He is 2,11m. tall and competes as a forward Milwaukee Bucks the NBA.  Adetokunbo won twice the title of MVP of the NBA and once the award of the most valuable player of the finals. His nickname is “Greek Freak” because of his Greek origins, his size, speed and strength.

His parents were immigrants, both of them athletes (the father in Nigeria was a soccer player and his mother a high jumper.  His pareνts did not have work permits when they first came to Greece so they could not find work, so they hawked watches, handbags and sunglasses in the streets.

Until he was 18 years old he did not have Greek nationality so he could not travel outside the country.  When he became an NBA player, many of his funs could not pronounce his name so he became known as the “Greek Freak”.


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