Unethical treatment

Before releasing new products and implementing them on humans, animal testing is a method that many companies use on animals to test newly developed products and drugs. Many well-known brands still use their products on animals before selling them in the market. Although this is a very debatable and sensitive topic, I am going to write about my truly honest opinion on the subject.

In my opinion it is best not to test on innocent animals. I think it is one of the most unethical things to make animals the recipients of harmful drugs and chemicals only because they can’t do anything to protect themselves from these usually painful actions. Testing includes brutal treatment like water deprivation, starvation, force-feeding of unhealthy and non-edible substances, pain stimulation, and other such awful treatments. It is an unacceptable practice to use animals solely for our benefit. Animals have no choice but to endure the pain and slow death. It is nothing less than torture.

Lastly, I want to say that I find completely ironic the fact that we talk about animal rights and we act like we care about animals but no one talks about this issue. Also, I would like to add that all creatures are born as equal, so we should treat all life with the same respect.

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