Teen Idols

PEOPLE STUDENTS ADMIREPresented in English for 9th grade English class. Instructor: A. Alexandropoulou

by Sophia Siorikineymar

My idol is Neymar Jr., the Brazilian footballer. He is brilliant and he plays great football. He became famous when he debuted a Mohawk haircut in 2010. He is good-looking. He is an emotional and respectful person and I know everything about him. My room is full of his posters. I love him!


& by Christina Vlahou

His real name is Neymar da Silva Santos Junior and he is one of the most popular and beautiful football players in the world. He plays in Barcelona’s football team… Neymar is very handsome and intelligent. He is also talented, not only in football, but knows how to dance and sing very well. He is loveable and respectful, too.



by Nikoletta Kleftospyrou

Roberto Jimenez Gago, known simply as Roberto, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Olympiakos FC.
Roberto is my favourite player of Olympiakos because he led this team to many victories. All the fans adore him and his name has become a slogan in the stadium. He is a great goalkeeper and he is considered as one of the best goalkeepers in Europe at the moment. Moreover, he is well-known for his leadership skills in the football field and for this reason he is one of the four captains of his team.