Welcome Spring with a beautiful sun catcher!

Welcome Spring with a beautiful sun catcher!

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Spring is here!! Happy Spring everyone!

Let’s welcome it with a beautiful, flowery sun catcher!!

For this craft you will need:

some fresh flowers from your garden or the countryside near where you live

sticky-back plastic (like the one you use when you cover your books)

a pair of scissors

some twine rope (or yarn) if you want to hang your sun catcher

a blanco correction pen (or any other acrylic paint permanent marker) to make your design

How to make your own sun catcher:

All you need to do is

collect the flowers you like,

think of a pattern you prefer (heart-shape, circle, triangle, square) or let your imagination guide you to make your own designs (a house, a school yard, a garden, your own portrait, a name tag… or any other idea you come up with)

make a drawing of your pattern on the one side of your sticky-back plastic

and then start arranging your flowers to decorate it in your own personal style!!

Don’t forget to take a photo of your sun catcher or bring it to Our English Class at school so we can all enjoy it!!

sun catcher 2 sun catcher 3 sun catcher 5 sun catcher 7 sun catcher 8 sun catcher 9 sun catcher 10 sun catcher 11 sun catcher 13 sun catcher











sun catcher 4 sun catcher 6 sun catcher 12












Happy Spring everyone!!

Have fun!!

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