The case of the rigged ransom

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Feeling super smart? Are you ready to solve another puzzling mystery case?

Here’s a new mystery for you. Read carefully and tell us who wrote the ransom note and why.

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The case of the rigged ransom2

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The case of the rigged ransom




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  1. I think Sissy wrote the note because
    1) Sissy wanted some money to buy a sweater from the mall , but her mum told Sissy that it has some unexpected bills to pay this month
    2) Sissy is a young person
    3) Sissy’s dog has been kidnaped and she propably took him with her

  2. Obviously Sissy wrote this ransom note because:
    1) This note written by a young person
    2) The kidnapper had asked only $36,29 that was unusual amount for a ransom request but it was quite good for a sweater price
    3) Sissy wanted some money to went to the mall and to bought a sweater but her mum denied
    and Sissy was very angry
    All the clues arose that Sissy was writing the note to be able to bought the sweater!!

  3. Yes i do! It was Sissy!Detective Bree said that the handwriting looked like that of a young person and she was the only one besides Buddy who knew about the tree where they left messages. Also Rags was her dog so that’s why she used him to bring the message to Buddy.
    In the end,when they went at the Morgans’home and Bree talked to Sissy’s mother, we learnt why she did it and the reason was because she wanted the sweater that her mother couldn’t buy her.
    Now for the reason why she asked money from Buddy, maybe was because he was a close person to her and she didn’t wanted to send this note to a stranger or he just had a lot of money and she knew it.
    This is my answer!

  4. I think that the person who wrote the note is Sissy. Becayse Sissy΄s mother said that Sissy wanted to buy a sweater and she hadn’t enough money.Also the person who wrote the note asked a fixed amount!!! Buddy said only he and Sissy knew the tree. So, I think that Sissy thought all the story because she wanted the money to buy the sweater!!!

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