Summer around Greece

Summer around

As we all know, school is almost over and summer is just around the corner waiting for you to make the best of every minute of it. Most people during winter fantasize summer and make fun and once in a lifetime plans that they will remember forever but in the end, they end up sleeping every day and prefer to waste time being on their phone. These people forget that they live in an extraordinary country with many beautiful places to travel to. But where are the places that get you out of bed and make you wonder why aren’t you there now ?

There are many unique places apart from Athens and Mykonos for summer. If you want to visit a greek island with the »there is no reason to stress about anything» vibe, Ikaria is the answer. One of the world’s blue zones with the average person living up to 78 years, Ikaria has a slower pace of life and people seize the day with their own distinctive way. The island is a 2-hour ferry ride from Mykonos and really close to the coast of Turkey. If you are an explorer and into greek history and myths, Mycenae is calling you. The place that gave birth to bright heroes and the warriors that Homer wrote about has many archeologicals sights and it’s fun to tour through the grave of Agamemnon and learn about the habits and the way of living in a city with such a historical contribution.

Some interesting recommendations are also Skiathos and Folegandros. If you are a party animal, you will love Skiathos due to its nightlife but, if you prefer a quiet place to relax and be only you with your thoughts, you should think of visiting Folegandros, only 8 miles long from Santorini. If you want to spend your summer swimming in crystal clear Ionian waters then Kefalonia, Zante and Lefkada have the best beaches for you with thousands of tourists every year visiting them just for swimming in beaches such as Myrtos, Porto Katsiki and Navagio (Shipwreck) beach.

Greece is a country for tourists and it is difficult to choose a destination because the choices are innumerable. Get off your phone, do your research and grab a suitcase because this summer you aren’t staying home.

Sotiria Moutsana, A3


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