How to live more sustainably and buy more ethical clothing

How to live more sustainably and buy more ethical clothing

Everyone cares about the environment… deeply inside. But when it comes to action we don’t know where to start. Clothing is an essential part of our lives and can adapt to any style we want to follow. But sometimes we cross the line. We invent more and more fashion trends too fast and thus , more and more clothing is produced in no time. This harms our environment and eventually us ourselves. Here is what we can do to fix it ! We can live more sustainably and choose more ethical clothing! Wait a minute-what?! Yes we can do it! It is not completely easy but not completely hard!

The main environmental disaster is the contamination of water with bleaches, acids, inks and dyes that come from mass production factories. This then has a negative effect on agriculture, as the contaminated water is absorbed by the fields. In fast fashion there are often inappropriate working conditions due to profiteering.

No matter how overwhelming it seems to be ,there is a solution to this huge problem that affects us all by making the right purchases. But you will ask us how this will be possible? You can start by buying clothes from local shops, supporting the local economy and local shops. It is good to check the product labels to ensure its ethics. On the labels you can find the materials from which the product was made. It is good to avoid clothes that are made of petroleum and chemicals. Also, if at some point an item of clothing suffers a damage that can be repaired, it would be good not to throw it away but to try either we or someone else to repair it. Finally, one more solution is the opportunity shops (op-shops), which sell second-hand clothes for charity funds.





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