To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

This year 23 3rd-Year High School students had the opportunity to take part in the 1st Interschool Spelling Bee Competition going against 21 3rd-year students of Archilochos Junior High School. 

It wasn’t the first time students from Paros Junior High School competed in a Spelling Bee competition.The spellers had competed last year too, as 2nd-year students.

It all started out with a Preliminary competition, went on to Semi-Finals, where the 44 students-spellers from both schools made their way to the Final Competition

The Finals were hosted by Paros Junior High and took place on May 17, 2023 almost at the end of the school year. The competition was held at the «Yangos Argyropoulos» hall (Polygoniko) of Paros Senior High School, making it first-time event  to ever take place on Paros and especially between school.It is a feat which intrigued and enticed competitors and audience to repeat such an event. The spellers” classmates and the Teaching Staff  of both schools composed the audience which cheered and applauded each and every competitor.

The Spelling Bee Competition was a project undertaken by English teachers -Ms.Angeliki Karavas and Ms Lilian Samara-both being vice -principals at Paros Junior High School and Archilochos Junior High School respectively.

Project coordinators from Paros High School was also: Ms. Panagio Nastou, Ms. Vagia Goula, Ms. Eftychia Gkolia. Recording the event with a video camera recorder in hand was Ms. Vassiliki Ragoussi.

The purpose of this competition is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop correct English usage that will help them in all their activities when using English as a foreign language. It is also a great way to motivate students to paticipate in school events.

Hopefully we will see you next year with another Spelling Bee competition!!!


Winners: Mona Tagrin (2nd place) and Anton Jamal Quast (1st place)

the 3rd place winner is Penny Klironomou from Archilochos High School

after the semifinals doing some practice

IMG_20230512_121118aaaaa IMG_20230515_090102 IMG_20230515_090128 IMG_20230515_090129 IMG_20230515_090141_1

Treating my spellers after the competition and awarding them for their participation with a certificate




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