What is a Hyper car?

By Alex Kafkas, Vasilis Asimakopoulos & Evaggelos Kanellopoulos-Kotsonis (A Class)

Hyper cars are top of the line supercars that are the absolute finest in most, if not all, elements of a standard supercar. These elements include, but are not limited to, acceleration, price, rarity, top speed, sound and appearance. Hyper cars take certain qualities of high performance cars to a new level, such characteristics include exhilarating performance, the use of light weight components and advanced production processes in construction and innovative and ergonomic design. Although all such characteristics could apply to super cars as well, usually hyper cars excel in all the characteristics of super cars while being heavily expensive. A hyper car’s goal is to be faster than any other car while being luxurious and appealing. They utilise high performance derivatives of the engines found in super cars and are constructed from lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, in order to achieve their goal of being unbeatable. They also utilise exclusive and unique interior components for being comfortable as well as special for their owners. Unlike super cars, hyper cars are fully customisable and are made as the owner desires. Every hyper car is unique in terms of specification and the attention to detail put on producing it fulfilling the desire of those who want to own a special car specifically made for them.




When it comes to deciding the qualifying factors that determine if a supercar can make it under the hypercar title, we see a lot of unclear and open-ended criteria. The qualifications are not obvious or easy to designate due to the fact that there is not a 100% straight forward book definition of hypercar since it is just coming into our daily language. In order to be submitted into the hypercar family, the vehicle needs to meet all the criteria of a supercar while continuing to push the boundaries in performance. Having up-to-date technology and modernized, creative and unique design are a few main topics that most of the open-ended criteria fall under. Almost every aspect of a hypercar should be a step into the future for automotive technology, engineering technology and exterior body design. Dreaming up, creating and putting together these ultimate machines can be looked at like a competition to see who can come out with the newest and most sleek new desired machinery. Certain supercars like the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Ferrari Enzo are slowly sliding down the supercar scale due to the fact that hypercars are advancing more and more with every generation. Although the advancement in technology seems impressive and like a step into the future, it sets back previously known hypercars and challenges the creators to build the newest, most crazy and desirable version of their automobile. At this rate, every remarkable breakthrough we learn and apply to these vehicles today will very soon be tomorrow’s common feature when the next cooler update is created. Do not be discouraged if you think less of supercars after educating yourself on this topic, because all this means is that the advancement of supercars will quickly increase and upgrade as well. A few things to keep in mind when deciding if a car can switch from the «super» to the «hyper» title are how well they exceed the normal statistics in, acceleration, top speed, price, exclusivity, style, handling, and horsepower and torque.