Ten rather unusual prisons

By Nikaella Botsari, B΄ class


Some provide inmates with luxury 5-star accommodation, others are lawless ghettos, but all 10 of these prisons are rather unusual.

The opposite countdown is starting….

In number ten we have a prison from San Pedro in Bolivia. Once you pass the thick walls and the security gates, any resemblance to a normal jail disappears: there are children playing, market stalls, restaurants, hairdressers and even a hotel. It looks more like the streets of El Alto, Bolivia’s poorest neighborhood that sprawls on the outskirts of La Paz, than a prison.


  In number nine we have the Sark prison –Guernsey  , which is apparently the smallest as well as the tiniest habitable jail in the world. It was built in 1856. It can house 2 inmates at a push and is still used for overnight stays.


    In number eight we have the Halden Prison -Norway. This jail is worth twenty million dollars. It has got private cells with mini fridges, plasma TV and suit bathrooms. The windows don’t even have bars.


  In number seven is the La Planta in Venezuela. La Planta prisoners are openly armed, bribing guards for weapons and striking with violent riots.

In the sixth place we have Cereso Chetumal in Mexico. The prison has not seen violence for a decade. Feuds are settled in the prison boxing ring and there’s even a post-fight spa.

In the fifth place we have Maricopa county jail in Arizona. Inmates pay for their meals. They sleep in tents in 145 F weather and they have to wear pink underwear.


  In number four is the Aranjuez prison in Spain. Children can live with their convicted parents in Disney-themed cells. It is designed to teach parenting skills.

In the third place we have Blastoy prison in Norway. It’s a self-reliant island prison with no guards or fences. Escaping prisoners are told to phone in so the warden knows they’re safe.


  In number two we have the Fortezza Medigea in Italy. A team of inmate chefs cook food. The restaurant is booked up for weeks and you eat while serenaded by a pianist who is in for murder.


  Finally in the first place is the Cebu prison in the Philippines. A prison where mass dancing is rehabilitation. One thousand and fifty hundred inmates dance to the rhythm of Michael Jackson and Gangnam style.

These are all the weirdest prisons all around the world.