«Easter jokes» by Simon Bektasha, Panagiotis Kakarikas and Emanuel Deda

-What kind of bunny can’t hop?

-A chocolate bunny!


-What do you call a bunny with lice?

-Bugs bunny!


-How does the Easter Bunny keep in shape?

-He eggs-ercises!


-What does an Easter Bunny like to dance?

-Hip – hop!


-How do you know an Easter Bunny is in a good mood?

-He is hoppy!


-Where do Easter Bunnies go after their wedding?

-On their bunnymoon!


-What kind of beans grow in the garden on Easter?

-Jelly beans!


-What do you get when you cross a frog with a rabbit?

-A bunny ribbit!


-Why don’t rabbits get hot in the summer?

-They’ve got hare conditioning!



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