The animals feel

Animals are used and when they become too ill they are killed. There are rights that apply to animals and one of them should be the law that protects them from such cruelty. Animals should have legal protection, as well. We must remember that we are living organisms, just like the animals.

Using animals only for our advantage is an unacceptably cruel activity. This practice is severely opposed to by many animal rights organizations. We should treat all life with the same respect as any human deserves. Animal research on the other hand is too expensive. A huge amount of money is spent on animal tests which are seen to be extremely beneficial.

Alternative methods of animal testing are plenty. Animal experimentation is no longer necessary because technology has advanced so far. A computer for example can calculate if a medical product is effective or not. To conclude, we should avoid animal cruelty as much as possible by using cruelty free products and drugs.


Andriana Konstantiou

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