Talos – Edison


Talos was a mythical bronze giant, the first robot in history, which protected Minoan Crete from would-be invaders. He could travel round the whole of Crete three times a day.

Talos was not born but made, either by Zeus himself or, according to other versions of the myth,  by Hephaestus, god of fire and iron.

Talos resembled an enormous man whose body was made of bronze. He had a single vein of molten metal which gave him life, running from his neck to his ankles. A bronze peg in his ankle stopped the life-giving ichor from pouring out.

Talos’s task was to defend Crete from invaders, circling the island three times daily. You see, no traces of walls protecting cities have been found in Crete. Talos did not allow any enemy ships to approach, hurling massive rocks to sink the wooden ships of those who dared to threaten Crete.

The students, divided into groups, drew the island of Crete and made a black line around it. Then, in EdBlocks they programmed  Edison to circle their drawings  on the black line three times.
The children decided that Edison will not be hostile to the ships, like Talos, who burned them and threw stones at them. On the contrary, Edison will be friendly and when the robot meets a boat it will flash its lights and play Cretan music.

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