Our pupils created an e-photoalbum with all the posters all 4 schools created.

Edison, come and play with us!

Edison robot

This year the school acquired the Edison robot. Edison ( is a lego-like robot in toy car form. It is designed, not only as an [...]


Myths and stories about water

In the following padlet  we are presenting our favourite “Myths and Stories” about Water ! Our pupils have written them but they recorded their voices, as well! Also, here [...]


Water in Art

In this padlet all schools cooperated so as to present Water in Art in their pupils’ eyes!


Talos – Edison

  Talos was a mythical bronze giant, the first robot in history, which protected Minoan Crete from would-be invaders. He could travel round the whole of [...]


When Edison met Plato

The cause for this rendezvous was a virtual tour of the museum of ancient Greek technology Kotsana and a first contact with the exhibits housed there. Although [...]


After Edison met Plato!

“Visit to the Kotsana Museum in the Old Town of Rhodes” 2nd Experimental Primary School of Rhodes, 5th Grade (E1): “Edison’s alarm clock”, After Edison [...]