Water and Health

  Water and Health A greek proverb says that cleanliness is half nobility. It is impossible to imagine our daily life without water. In the [...]


The water cycle

  The students of Grade A’ of the 2nd Primary School set up the robot Edison and learn about the Water Cycle. The water cycle [...]


Water in my area

Water in my area 2nd Experimental Primary School of Rhodes,5th Grade E2 Watch our video and our Interactive map     2nd Primary School of Karditsa [...]


Our book

This is a collaborative book with collections of the cultural monuments of each participating country. Olga Mpanti


We take care of animals

In the study of the environment subject: “Animals”, the students drew animals or built them with Lego blocks. We discussed about the care that animals [...]


Edison visits a farm

On May 29, Grades E and F from the 2nd Primary School of Karditsa visited the “Filoneikos” farm. Students had to complete pre-planned activities. After [...]