Animal riddles

Animal riddles

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Let’s see how much you know about animals..

Can you guess what these animals are??

A. This pet is orange and white, it’s very smart, it’s got sharp teeth, four legs and a small but bushy tail. What is it?l

B. My pet has got a long tail, it’s big and beautiful, it’s white and it can run very fast. It eats carrots and it has got four legs. What is it?

C. This is my pet: it has got four legs and it eats grass. It’s got small teeth and a small nose. What is it?

D. My favourite animal can jump and can run very fast. It has got four legs and a small tail. What is it?

E. My pet hasn’t got legs but it can move very fast. It’s blue and has got big teeth. It has also got big eyes. It likes eating small animals. Her name is Lisa. What is it?

F. I love this pet because it’s cute. It has got two legs and two wings. It’s small and has got two small eyes and two ears. It likes eating seeds. What is it?

G. My pet has got four feet, two ears and lives in a river or a waterfall. It eats meat and fish but its favourite food is chicken. It has a big tail. What is it?


Well done!! I challenge you to guess these animals too!! Can you guess what these animals are?

1) There’s lots of me at Thanksgiving But you don’t want me to be wasted Because my meat’s really juicy Just so long as I have been basted

2) One of these is Cupid But it doesn’t have a bow Instead it pulls a sleigh Through the air and lands on snow

3) You might be called this animal If someone thinks that you’re afraid This is something that you might eat As well as its eggs that it laid

4) This provides meat that you would eat When breakfast you are makin’ A chicken is what gives the eggs And this is what gives bacon

5) My wings are used as flippers So in water I can flow Sometimes when on land I slide On my belly in the snow

6) I am known as a king The jungle’s where I reign It is hard to tame me And I have a large mane

7) I travel very slowly When gliding along the ground Maybe my shell weighs me down In your garden I am found

8) I like to use my long tongue To eat leaves from tops of trees I don’t have to climb up though With my long neck it’s a breeze

9) What are all these animals? Marmoset and capuchin Macaque, spider and baboon A mandrill and tamarin

10) Some types slither on the ground And some can live up in the trees Adders, vipers and cobras What kind of animals are these?

Write your answer with a comment below!!


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