We are here too! We have rights!

We are here too! We have rights!


World Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the power of children to change the world.

World Children’s Day is UNICEF’s global day of action for children, by children, marking the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on November 20. It highlights critical issues affecting children’s lives and supports the empowerment of children and young people as advocates for their own rights. An integral part of World Children’s Day is children and young people learning about their rights and raising their voices on issues that affect them.

To celebrate this important day and raise awareness on children’s rights Our English Class created an infographic which includes some of the most fundamental children’s rights in order to make children’s rights bookmarks for students, parents and teachers.

To download our infographic just click on the link below –>

We are here too! We have rights!

Λήψη αρχείου







We also discussed some very famous paintings with children and decided to make our own art exhibition to express our thoughts about children’s rights!  If you care about children’s rights too, you can join us by sending your art work to Our English Class. The topic of your art work should be: «We are here too! We have rights»!

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Follow up activities:

1. Write the words in the right category a) rights b) desires c) responsibilities.

Click on the picture below to view the full size:

Rights, desires or Responsibilities (1)






2. Read the text again and write at least five sentences with children’s rights.

For example: «Children have the right to take part in athletic activities».

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