Christmas in wartime

Christmas! A period when we relax and celebrate!
But let’s imagine Christmas for people who live in countries that are fighting a war. War is a very difficult and horrific period for every countrty.
During World War II people celebrated Christmas in a different way. For people living in England, Christmas was not a happy period because many men were fighting abroad in the armed forces or were being held as prisoners of war. Furthemore, women might also be away in the services or carrying out war work. Many children spent Christmas away from home as evacuees. So, their goal during that period was not to celebrate but to stay alive. Besides, poverty did not allow formal meals but most of the time they may not have anything to eat. How would they feel when they had to try to survive under these circumstances during Christmas time?


As every other kid, kids that lived in countries fighting a war were dreaming to find gifts under the decorated tree and play with their gifts. But many times they did not find anything and if they found something, it was something like a comic or a paper figure.
Today, we can see that in the war between Russia and Ukraine. But Christmas is a celebration that seeks reconciliation and peace between every people and every country. I wish people in countries fighting a war could get rid of the war completely and also I wish them a merry Christmas in peace!

Theofilos Christou, B5


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