Lockdown and appearance

Lockdown and appearance    by Mariada Papaioannou

In the past 2 years of the pandemic of Covid 19, the way we dress and we look has altered. After interviewing some people of different ages I came to the conclusion that each individual changed in a different way during this difficult period.

On the one hand, people in my immediate circle have come to me telling me how much weight they have gained or lost something which I believe is quite normal. Being inside four walls with the fridge in the next room and delivery available with a phone call, it is easy to give into temptation. However, since tik tok became a big hit we can see people, mostly teenagers, who have the desire to experiment with ingredients and prepare a meal which would be nutritional and fulfilling. On the contrary, if there weren’t a lockdown, people would be so busy with their work that they would not be able to prepare something healthy. Even so, if they ate junk food they would burn off calories by being on the move continuously.

On the other hand, the pandemic had and still has a big impact on our stylistic choices as well. To begin with, during the lockdowns people were forced to have online classes, meetings, lessons and ,in general, communication via a laptop with others. When someone has a conference call, one has two options; whether to turn on the camera and look presentable or keep the camera off and wear whatever piece of clothing one wants. The first option affected fashion because most people do not want to wear everyday clothes and so they choose “cosy” pieces of clothing. This decision made shops want to promote clothes in which people feel comfortable but productive as they would try to avoid wearing pyjamas. The second option had an impact on fashion as well, because now whole collections of pyjamas, fluffy socks and woollen slippers have flooded the market.

All in all, the lockdown has positively marked the fashion department with a new style. This style combines comfort with sophistication.

Interviews with:

40 year old women

  • I got my hair dyed blonde
  • I started wearing more comfy clothes at home like bell-bottom trousers, long cardigans and oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. Also, I started buying warm socks and slippers and in combination with the above I would feel both ready to do housework and to relax on my couch. Now, when I am going out for a walk I prefer simple outfits with a touch of finesse. I think the best way to describe this style is “impressive in everyday clothes”. Moreover, as for my work clothes, i stopped wearing suits and during the lockdown, I had the chance to experiment with other styles and try to adapt them to my personal one. I believe this “work” style can be described as “simple and comfy with heels and earrings”.


Teenage girls and boys 

-how did lockdown affect your appearance or your friends’ ?

  • I gained weight
  • My body and my dress style changed
  • After going back to school following the lockdown, I couldn’t recognize my classmates as they had all changed.
  • I gained some weight because I was in front of a laptop 24/7 and this had an impact on my lifestyle and my habits.

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