Poverty is a Global Problem

By Dimitris Bousias, Korina Papastathopoulou & Konstantinos Skoutas


Over the last 20 years or so, global poverty has been declining; however, some countries are still poor. There are many causes of poverty and they lead to negative consequences in our community. The government ought to help the poor people.

To begin with, according to experts, war is the most important cause of poverty. Many people live in war-zones and these zones are very poor. In particular, in Africa people have been for years in conflict and as a result, goods are insufficient and people live in poverty. Also, many countries have weak economy and the residents hardly make ends meet, because they cannot find a job. Another cause of poverty is overpopulation. In fact, there are many people who live in each country and they cannot find a job there; as a result, many people are unemployed and they live without the basic. That is, they lack money and food. Also, they have lack of healthy foods and that may lead to diseases. Moreover, many people do not know how to write and how to read and as a result, they have few chances to find a job. To be specific, in many countries where there is poverty, people do not have the chance to go to school or to do extra-curricular activities.

Furthermore, poverty has many more negative consequences. One important consequence is poor health. People do not afford to buy nutritious food and that leads to many diseases. In addition, people have lack of sanitation, because they are homeless. Still many residents live in the streets and these people need food and shelter. Hence, our community ought to help these people. Another consequence of war is that people resort to crime in order to survive, because the government does not help them. In addition, there is social instability that leads to discriminations between social classes.

In conclusion, poverty has negative effects all over the world. Our community must tackle these problems. I believe that poverty is a very important issue and all residents ought to help poor people. If we achieve this, our community will be better.