By Gaki Maria and Georgina Kerbesioti

By travelling to an unknown place, we learn other people’s customs, culture, language and traditions. In this way we broaden our horizons.

The journey is an experience that we will remember in our entire life. We can explore an unknown place while the journey is a happy break from our daily routine.
There are so many parts of the world we can explore.

We interact with other people and make new friends in the places we visit. In this way we become more sociable.

By travelling we fall in love with smells, colors, habits, faces, landscapes, food, we fall in love with our changed self.

In a country far away from our homeland we are free from our past, we live life as it comes. Free from tiredness and away from deadlines and pressure, each day we live the moments more intensely and we share them with people who for one day become part of our lives, part of our family, simply and effortlessly, beautifully.

Especially for Volos, there are many advantages for travelling there. It is the ideal place to visit in Greece! You can visit it both in winter and summer as it combines sea and mountainous regions. Every year many tourists visit Volos because of the variety of activities they can find there. In summer you can swim at a lot of picturesque beaches and taste local fresh fish! Moreover, walking along, you can discover stone built bridges, old monasteries, picturesque villages and enjoy the breathtaking view!


In winter you can take up horseback riding, hiking and skiing! The best activity however is to walk around the small villages, enjoy the lush vegetation and invigorate! Not to forget that near Volos there are the most ancient settlements Sesclo and Dimini! You shouldn’t miss to wander in the narrow alleys in Makrinitsa and to buy local products such as herbs, sweets and pasta!