The Titanic

By Konstantina Kloukinioti


           I have seen a lot of movies but the one that affected me and touched my heart was “The Titanic’, filmed by James Cameron in 1997.

This movie was about the biggest sinking in the world, which took place  on 15th April 1912, in the Atlantic Ocean. Also it was about the love story of two young people, Jack and Rose, who met on board.

There are many reasons I really loved this movie. First of all, because it made me experience different feelings at the same time, sadness and anger. The reason I felt sadness was because thousands of people died in the icy water of the Atlantic Ocean, including Jack. The reason I felt anger was because Rose’s family were against the relationship given the fact that she was rich and Jack was poor. Another reason I liked the movie was because of the cinematography and the great acting skills of the actors.

I would surely recommend it to others because they would have the chance to learn every detail about the story of The Titanic and they would learn about the discriminations between the rich and the poor. The rich had rights while the poor didn’t.

All in all, “The Titanic” was a brilliant movie that everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.