Should the Money of a Country Be Spent to Explore the Space?

By Christeli Paraskevi & Paraskevopoulou Konstantina


Many countries which have scientists and experts on space exploration spend a lot of money on equipment, rather than for other, more important reasons.
Firstly, space is something that makes many people want to see it with their own eyes: different environment, different natural resources and different ways of living. Astronauts travel and explore so we learn more about it, and may be able one day to see it and live there ourselves.
Secondly, astronauts need a lot of money for their food (their pills), their equipment (so as to be safe and have oxygen to breath) and their shelter (bathroom and space to sleep). Also, they have to gain some money because by travelling in space, they put their lives at risk, so they have to be sure that they leave behind something for their families if something happens.
On the one hand, space exploration is useful and interesting, but on the other, it costs money that could be spent in a better way and provide their country with more goods. In countries like the USA and Russia, there are many people who starve every day and faint in the roads. Important organizations which help them cannot feed all those who come every day and beg  for food.
Also, people with no money live in the dirty roads, with mice and other dangerous animals which can make someone go to the hospital. Illnesses are around, people die and noone stands by them or lend them some money. They are helpless and their country is not able to help them in any way.
To sum up, money could be spent in better ways like feeding the world or finding them a place to live. Money should not be spent on space exploration because countries have more important problems than to see the space.