Art in Εducation

By Iliana Kotta, Eleana Liaskou & Emmelia Michalopoulou


Art is something that all humans can see anywhere in their everyday lives and it is a way of expressing ourselves. Specifically in education, art plays a huge role in every student’s life and it is something that will probably affect their future.


First of all, art in education is a must-have in every school. All students need to be aware of what is going on in the world. But it is the art teachers’ job to help students to learn these kinds of things. A great art teacher is the one who is going to follow the right steps so the students have a great result. Firstly, based on the students’ works, art teachers are supposed to give them the right feedback and guide them to improve their work. Secondly, they must give their personal opinion on the art work. And lastly, teachers should give students some space to re-think and re-vision their art work. In some countries there are seminars for art teachers to learn and think like artists and to re-imagine art.


On the other hand, art in children’s life is not only based on their art teachers. It is also about them making an effort to understand and to take place in some activities that could really help them act and think more like an actual artist. For example, in some places around the world there are seminars for little kids to realize how important art is for our lives. These seminars are collaborations of teachers and artists to have a better result in the children’s lives. Also, having an art class in school is something that students should be thankful for because they are given a chance to learn something that is really important and plays a huge role in everyone’s life.


Art is a subject that every school must include and students should really embrace something so important and helpful for themselves and for the society, too. Every person in the world should be informed about the huge role art plays every day. Everyone should think and act as an artist to see and imagine creatively.