The dangers of fashion

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By: Nikolopoulou Aphrodite, Panagiotopoulou Ioanna & Foti Alkistis (B Class)


It is a fact that the job of a model is very attractive. A lot of people want to become models because it’s glamorous, lucrative and you might want to be recognized in the modeling world. However, there are a lot of dangers on which we have to emphasize.

First of all, in order to be a model, features indicative of good health are a “must”. Eat and drink healthy foods and beverages, work out, take care of your outer appearance (and inner peace of mind) and look good in clothes. It’s a simple equation, but it’s harder than you might think to execute. 

Unfortunately, fashion designers are very demanding. They prefer their models to be extremely skinny. As a result, models are on demanding diets which make them sick and sometimes they suffer anorexia. It is a shame that many models have died from that illness.

Last but not least, models should take care of themselves and try to avoid those diets which are very harmful.