Facts about domestic cats


Cats first appeared around in 7.200 BC. Throughout the years their appearance and their characteristics have changed significantly. Although some of their personality traits are still the same.

One of their personality traits that has stayed the same to date is their love for playing and hunting. Domestic cats are predatory species which means they’re need to play with toys it’s constant. They are engaged in play fighting with each other and especially with humans. Most cats prefer spending their playing time with their owners. Domestic cats follow a set sequence of behaviors when hunting pray. They usually capture their prey by stalking it. They make slow movements in order to speed up the closer they get to the prey. They often capture it but not always kill and consume it which can be a cause of frustration.

Overall domestic cats are attention seekers. It is essential that we provide our cats with the entertainment that is needed. If we aren’t careful about this issue the cat’s psychology can be affected negatively.


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