Percussion & String Orchestra Municipality of Patras

By Nick Fotopoulos (B Class)


The percussion & string orchestra was founded by Thanasis Tsipinakis in 1985. The orchestra has given more than 50 concerts not only in Greece but also in other countries all over the world such as Spain, France, Japan and others. Many important composers have written music for the orchestra including Dimitris Lagios, Giorgos Andreou, Giannis Markopoulos and many more. The orchestra has recorded 9 records:

  1. «Zakinthines Serenades«, which includes pieces written by the composer Tzortzis Kostis (1988)
  2. «Works of Percussion Orchestra«, D. Lagios (1989)
  3. Pieces by Kiriakos Tzortzinakis – Gerasimos Voutsinas (1990)
  4. «Greek Serenades» (1990)
  5. «Cracks«, D. Lagios (1992)
  6. «Small Nocturnal Musics«, N. Mavroudis (1992)
  7.  «From Theatre and Cinema«, Mikis Theodorakis (1998)
  8. «5 COUNTRIES – 5 COMPOSERS» (2000), Antonius Streichart, Yasuo Kuwahara, Robert Schulz, John Goodin and Yiorgos Andreou
  9. «Swallows of Rain» (2000), Yiorgos Andreou, poetry by Dionisis Karatzas